Comparing Membership Tiers


Mooring Member Regular Member Kickstarter Member Public
Premium fuel

Get your boat's fuel from our waterfront fuel dock. As a member, you'll get a $0.25/litre discount, which we'll credit to your membership dues next year. Pretty cool, right?

With Rebate With Rebate

Hungry? Enjoy a variety of unique dining experiences exclusive to our members, all with stunning lake views.

Day dock privledges

Feel free to park your boat at our day docks. Explore the town, enjoy our amenities, or just chill. It's all free for our members.

Sport Court

Serve up some fun on our exclusive Sport Court! Perfect for pickleball enthusiasts and basketball fans alike, this versatile space also doubles as a dynamic event area for our members to enjoy.

Club events

Join the fun at our exclusive club events throughout the season. It's all about community and good times here.

Lower deck & member lounge

Need to unwind? Our lower deck and member lounge are just the spots. They're exclusively for our members. Learn more.

Little Mates Playground

Let your little ones have a blast at our playground while you relax. It's safe, fun, and within eyeshot of the restaurant and Lower Deck. Learn more.

Kids club

Our Kids Club is packed with fun and engaging activities for your children. They'll love it! Learn more.

Private beach

Fancy a beach day? Our private beach is perfect for that. Pack a picnic or order from our full service restaurant, enjoy the sunset, and end the day with stories around the bonfire.

Boat butler

For $750/season, we'll handle all your boating needs. Just give us a call, and your boat will be ready when you arrive. When you're done, we'll take care of the rest. This service includes summer outdoor storage and 7 launches.

Seasonal boat launch/removal

For $100, we'll launch your boat and tie it up in your slip or buoy. At the end of the season, we'll remove your boat and prepare it for pickup. It's all about making boating hassle-free for you.

Mooring slip

Get your own dedicated mooring slip. It's all about safety and convenience.

Aqua valet

For just $25 each time or 5 for $100, we offer our Aqua Valet service. Give us a call before you leave the city, and we'll have your boat cover removed and your boat ready at the day docks. When you return, we'll cover your boat and return it to your slip or buoy. It's like having your personal boat concierge.

Indoor Storage

Need a place to store your boat, trailer, or RV? We've got you covered with our storage facility. We offer both outdoor and roofed storage options.

Outdoor Storage

Need a place to store your boat, trailer, or RV? We've got you covered with our storage facility. We offer both outdoor and roofed storage options.

Participation in Share Value Program

As a member and shareholder, you'll benefit from the club's share appreciation. When you leave the club, we'll buy back your share at its current market value.

Payment Plan For Share Purchase

We offer share financing for up to 5 years.

If you're under 35, our Kickstarter Membership is just for you. It lets you finance your share purchase over 10 years. We're all about making membership accessible for our younger sailors.

One-time Member Interest $600 $600 $600
Share Purchase (Financing For Up To 5 Years Available) $5,500 $3,500 $350/year
(over 10 years)
Annual Dues $710 $710 $710
Annual Mooring Fees

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